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Reverse 360 Logistics offers a complete, customized shipping technology utilizing the power of McLeod Transportation Management.

Carriers are integral to our business and our processes, using the power of McLeod Transportation Management,  provide the best carrier experience in the logistics industry.

Reverse 360 Logistics was Founded in early 2023 by Carmen Donsante and Jim Huegel Jr. forming a unique partnership geared toward industry transformation. 

Carmen Donsante founded and developed a major e-commerce liquidation platform in 2006.  The following years saw the shipping of thousands of loads per year, establishing trusted relationships with both carriers and brokers.  Overcoming logistic industry pitfalls was pivotal in the significant growth of the business.

Jim Huegel Jr. has nearly two decades of experience in transportation and logistics, in both asset based and freight brokerage.  His experience and insight in shipping has played a major role in successfully scaling up increased shipping needs by addressing inefficiency and creating new strategic solutions.

By merging technology with experience, Reverse 360 Logistics creates custom solutions empowering customers to achieve their logistic goals. 


The Advantage 360 Experience

Exceptional Service

Advanced Tech

First-Rate Logistics Planning

Licensed Professionals

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